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2013年7月15日 星期一

Music and Devotion

       Ravana in Ramayana was a great musician and a melodious singer. One is surprised to find music and evil combined into one character. Ravana was a great memorable character in the sense that he was the one who had completely surrendered to evil qualities like ego, arrogance, over-confidence, villainy and an ability to do any bad thing. The evil in him was limitless. How come that this devil was musician-singer?

       His absorbing singing could not reach that point in excellence which links heaven and earth. At one time, it is said that when Ravana was singing Mantra of Lord Shiva, it so happened that the strings of his Veena (Indian musicial instructment) were cut and broken, it was as if the strings of his heart were broken, and then he did nothing but cut one of his ten heads and used the nerves as strings of Veena. He did not see his oozing blood. He saw nothing. He was only singing until at last Lord Shiva became pleased, forgot his Kailash and came down to earth to meet Ravana. This shows that music in the epic period of Ramayana had a strange quality and excellence.

-- Music and Sahaja Yoga P.8

2013年1月15日 星期二

Guide to Perfection

Guide to Perfection (SY book Nirmala Vidya)

Life is a challenge, meet it!
Life is a gift, accept it!
Life is an adventure, dare it!
Life is a sorrow, overcome it!
Life is a tragedy, face it!
Life is a duty, perform it!
Life is a game, play it!
Life is a mystery, unfold it!
Life is a song, sing it!
Life is an opportunity, take it!
Life is a journey, complete it!
Life is a promise, fulfil it!
Life is love, discover it!
Life is beauty, praise it!
Life is truth, realise it!
Life is a struggle, flight it!
Life is a puzzle, solve it!
Life is a goal, achieve it!

From the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 18
來自薄伽梵歌 第十八章

2012年5月18日 星期五

Shri Mataji talks about Music (12)

It is my nature to be one with music. It's not necessary to understand all the intricacies and all that but if you are in thoughtless awareness, the joy which was created by the artists starts flowing through your being and you can really enjoy the music.

Shri Mataji, India Tour 1992

2012年3月21日 星期三

免費瑜伽靜坐班 Free Yoga Meditation

一種自然平衡的瑜伽靜坐法, 以現代人能明白的語言及表逹方式將瑜伽這種古老知識重新演譯, 練習者能更加認識自己, 意識提昇至更高層次, 得到自己"真我"的覺醒, 與宇宙整體能量連接融為一體, 體驗真正的靜坐狀態.

創辦人錫呂瑪塔吉女士堅持從不收費, 她認為上天的知識是每個人都有權利獲得.查詢香港免費靜坐班, 請電 852-51808808 或瀏覽

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2011年7月15日 星期五

2011年6月2日 星期四

學唱印度音樂基礎練習 Learn to sing Indian Music (Basic Exercices)

由 Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni, 七個印度主要音階組成的基礎練習 (Alankars) , 特別是學習印度古典音樂的必修課, 此七個主要音階跟瑜伽的七個主要輪穴相對應, 以下連結可下載 Mp3 練習, 亦可找到與瑜伽輪穴相應的印度樂器, 印度拉格 (Raga), 音階的有關資料.

Basic Exercices (Alankars) is combined with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni , 7 indian main notes. Each notes is related to specific chakras of Yoga System. We could download Mp3 for exercices in the following link, we also could find some interesting information about which indian music instructment & Raga is related to which Chakras of Yoga System. Let's try!


2011年4月10日 星期日

Source of Ganga at Himalaya, 恆河發源地

The source of the river Ganga - Gaumukh, meaning cow's mouth. At an altitude of 4200 metres above the sea level is Gangotri Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in Himalayas. I went there in April 2010, I didn't bring enough clothes, no hikking equipment, there is very less oxygen, it was very difficult for me to take breathe. When we see the beauty of nature, anything we could bear. Finally, we took bath in icy water at the source of Holy River, Indian belive that River Ganga could remove all our sins if we take bath inside. That kind of bath means just put our body inside the river with our clothes. In ancient time, so many sadhu go there to worship, there is a Holy Place of Lord Shiva. According to Hindu Religion, starting place of River Ganga is located on the top of Lord Shiva's head. One mountain is called "Shivling" we also could found it there. Nowaday, I heard that there are still some great sadhu living in the cave at Tapovan, few hours away from Gaumukh, they don't need to eat anything, just meditate, I've found so many caves in Himalaya during the journey, all the things in my eyes was so amazing. I'll never forget this journey in my life.

2011年3月31日 星期四

Amazing Photoes 出乎意料的照片

We took these photoes in Kochi, Kelara, South India. There is My first stop of my half year Indian trip in Nov. 2009. I just met all those people first time, but we all felt extremely joy after our programme, there are something amazing in these photoes, every photoes emit joy and the power of love, hope u could feel it!

這是我09年11月啟程-半年印度之旅的第一站,南印度喀拉拉科欽. 我們跟他們全部人都是第一次見面, 這些照片是在我們參加活動後感到無法形容的內在喜悅情況下拍出來的, 這些照片有些特別的光出現, 有些背景某部份扭曲, 但每張照片都散發著喜悅及無所不在的愛的力量, 希望你也能感受出來.

2011年3月29日 星期二

Shri Mataji talks about Music (11)

"You had such serene music, also some very collective music, all types of music that you could think of . And Indian music, Spanish music, also Russian music - all these have combined (on) the stage here (in America). That is suggestive that one day the whole world will have a sense of music... that not only entertains, but elevates you, takes you to higher realms of your existence. That is music"

Shri Krishna Puja, 1997, New York